A focus on a positive customer experience before and after the sale and/or installation is one of our priorities at Soundz. Without our happy and loyal customers, we would not be here today. Ask any one of them, and they will tell you why they come to us for all of their audio upgrade needs! Our customers become family and see us at every show and stop by the store to say hi and show off that amazing sound that they love! We thank all of our customers for their support and always look forward to seeing them throughout the year!

Our ability to master the amplifier tuning and wire harness needs are two pieces of the puzzle for motorcycle audio. These two main factors are important components that put us a step above our competitors.

We do not simply put some random wires, “converters,” and a note of “good luck” in a bag, then throw the boxes of speakers and amps in another box; we prepare everything for installation. Our amplifiers are pre-adjusted to a new stock HD radio or can be adjusted to match the aftermarket of your choice with an oscilloscope – no guessing by ear like the stone ages at Soundz! The wire harness is ready to connect and pre-attached to the amp. All crossover settings are pre-done to ensure the best performance on your bike regardless of your audio knowledge!

After years of using multiple brands of products specifically designed for Powersports, we have created an exclusive line of speakers, amplifiers, and wire harnesses that together produce the loudest, cleanest audio that outlasts any of the competition! From the best wire source to using OEM matching connectors, we spare no expense in making our KIT truly the BEST audio upgrade available. All of our wire is Pure OFC (Oxygen Free Copper), Silver Tinned, and the highest strand count wire is used from power to speaker wire. So the next time you are looking at just another “AUDIO” kit, make sure to check out what they send you or are installing…..We promise to be the best value in sound quality, output, installation, and plug & play capability for your Harley-Davidson motorcycle!

No one has a better high-end audio solution for your motorcycle than Soundz…GUARANTEED!